Check me out!

No, seriously, check me out. I stream on YouTube three times most weeks. You can also visit my Notion page to see what I’ve been playing and what I have plans for in the future, or my games list to see what games I have available if you want to make a suggestion on Discord.

Join the Community

Join us on Discord. We also have an exclusive Minecraft server just for Discord members; find out more on our Discord server. Please make sure to read the rules when you join.

Support the Channel

I’m in it for the fun, not the money, but I sure won’t complain if you wanna buy some merch. I might set up a Patreon or something down the line, if I ever feel like it.


YouTube isn’t the only place you can follow me! I’m not everywhere, but if you wanna see an ongoing stream of stupidity I tend to be around any of these social media platforms.

Other Stuff

Here are a few other places where you can find me or my stuff.