Let’s build a TERRIBLE level

How can we misuse on-off switches?

Stream is in multiple parts because I lost connection partway through and didn’t immediately realize it. YouTube auto-shut off the stream when the connection dropped and I had to start a new one. Also played some random levels from Popular at the end.

Originally streamed July 29, 2023.

Created Level Info

  • Title: Do the On/Off Shuffle
  • Level Code: HJW-FCY-M1G

Levels Played

Level NameAuthorLevel Code
【莉犬くんbirthday】♪ 好きすぎ注意報 / 莉犬 ♪たんていSむしがむり2SL-WXQ-2LF
♪ 3Dマリオメドレー / 3D mario medley ♪♪タミ♪K1P-NJ7-HDG
one screen puzzelLuelNCW-3FS-9CG
▲▽ ¿Mansion of Madness? 2 ▽▲ignition52FTN-1JV-HSF
★☆リフトSpeed run20s#2☆★√いくら。3B5-VPS-00G
◆Collapsing Fragment Platformer◆Markey97CGP-2KL-VHF
Bumper LauncherM42-LVH-DHGWolfy